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Ummm 51 Shades of Gray...

Sinful Colors Cool Gray

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sinful Colors,Cool Gray,

I was trying to decide on what I would like to wear on my nails Monday and I just could not decide on a color. I though a neutral would be a good choice for a day like today so I opted for Sinful Colors Cool Gray. Just as the name implies it is a cool gray creme polish with a hint of a green undertone. The formula is easy to manipulate and I had no issues with the application. It took two coats for opacity and I added a layer top coat.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sinful Colors,Cool Gray,every day is Halloween,Ministry

I was talking to a friend and I mentioned that I was really looking forward to trying a skulls and roses image plate but it was not Halloween so I was a little torn about it. Just as I was thinking about it, Everyday is Halloween by Ministry popped into my head and when I told her about it she said everyday can be Halloween and that pretty much sealed the deal for me. She was expecting to have to double dog dare me but my rubber arm has a tendency to twist itself when it comes to something I wan't at least when it comes to nail polish anyways! Mr. Nailvanna has accused me of being stubborn on more than one occasion and in return I tell him he is bossy. Cool Gray was a great choice for my base. While it's not an original color, it is very well formulated and inexpensive. You can wear it on it's own or as a base for nail art, either way it's a good purchase, Just don't wait until Halloween to pick it up!

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