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About Me

I  love nail polish!


 Jellies, Crellies, Shimmers and Cremes. Glitter rules

all! At least as far as I am concerned. I know it has

a bad reputation because removal can be a little bit

problematic but that is a compromise I am willing to live with.


 I have a family that keeps me pretty busy and a fulltime office gig. I love finding a little down time to curl up on the couch and watch a movie with my man, or catch up on my reading. The very first bottle of nail polish that I ever bought myself as a teen sealed the deal for me. It was Emerald City Green! and so jam packed with micro glitter that it was a one coater. I was definitlely hooked.


 Since then my collection has grown substantially and I own more nail polish than any reasonable human being, and I am as happy as can be about it! I have never written a blog before and I am really looking forward to the new experience. Thank you for coming to see me and I hope you enjoy my posts!

xox Emese.

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Emese Varadi

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