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Interested in a Nailvanna Review?


Please fully read the  Disclosure Statement 


Now that you have read the Disclosure Statement how do you proceed?


Please fill out the contact form below with all relevant details and contact information in the email.


Nailvanna assumes no responsibility for the products offered and all related shipping costs are the responsibility of the Brand or Company offering the Press Samples.


If Nailvanna agrees to review your product the review will take place in a reasonable time frame after receipt of the product and placed in que according to the date received. All products reviewed will be on a first come first serve basis.


Promotional releases for upcoming seasons or sets will be reviewed before smaller one off releases even if those releases are received first.


Nailvanna respects all major Brands,Companies and Indi Polish makers.


Yes! Nailvanna is willing to review other products related to nails and nail polish just include the information in the contact email.


Submission of a Product or Press Sample does not guarantee a review.







Emese Varadi

Success! Message received.

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