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Quo by Orly Purple Daydream

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On my last trip to the drug store to grab a few things Mr. Nailvanna accompanied me. He either really likes me or just wanted to make sure I did not forget to pick up a refill for his razor again. Of course the nail polish isle is mandatory because you just never know when you will find an awesome sale or something new that I ... I mean you can't live without lol. He noticed Quo by Orly Purple Daydream right away and suggested I try it. I added it to my shopping basket and it came home with us. It did not take me long to paint my nails with Purple Daydream partially because of who picked it out and my own curiosity. Looking at the bottle I see pretty glowing hot pink perfect for summer. Once I painted my nails I could see the fuchsia shimmer giving this polish a gorgeous lit from within look that is amazing. I don't often talk about packaging unless there is a practical reason behind it. I love the pretty boxes and bottles, and have bought nail polish on several occasions just because I was hoodwinked by the packaging. We all have... I think. The Quo bottles have a black rubberized cap that not only looks sharp but assures you get a really good grip. Making it so much easier to open when it gets a little tight. Consequently you can wrap a rubber band around any nail polish cap handle to give you a firmer grip when opening it, but it's not going to look anywhere near as good as the Quo bottles. In a pinch I guess you won't really care about that though. Once in hand the brush is pretty standard, not too thin or wide making it easy to work with. The formula had good opacity but the consistency felt a bit strange. It was almost like I was having trouble loading enough polish unto the brush to cover the nail. This was not a huge deal and easily fixed by leaving a little more polish on the brush than I normally would. I wish all fixes were this easy! Purple Daydream leveled well and two coats gave me complete coverage. It dried semi matte, but once I added a glossy top coat that fuchsia shimmer was vibrant. Hello summer! No wonder this color caught Mr. Nailvanna's eye. The only thing this polish was not is purple.

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