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Nerdlacquer Thalia

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I wanted to give Nerdlacquer Thalia some time in the sun because her sister Euphrosyne brought me a lot of joy. A delicately tinted semi-sheer teal base with an abundance of turquoise-azure-violet shifting spangles with sterling flakes. Enough shimmer and tint to obscure the nail line, but this is deliberately translucent at two coats. The formula was smooth and easy to manage with no issues at all in application. I had applied the recommended two coats and while my nail lines were still somewhat visible I really enjoyed the light and airy manicure. The beautiful sparklies lie down as flat as can be in the polish and one layer of top coat had my polish almost smooth, the second layer completely smoothed it out. As soon as it was dark enough I turned out the lights and confirmed that Thalia glows in the dark as well. Though I have to admit this time around the discovery was not accompanied by quite as many giggles, but I still loved the effect. The only other glow in the dark polishes I have tried in the past were chalky Halloween concoctions that I had no desire to wear again. I can't say the same about Thalia. In fact I was playing with the idea of even putting it on my toes. Generally I stay away from glitter on my toes but it's almost (fingers crossed) sandal season and this would look so good with a pair that I bought just before summer ended. It would be a shame not to put them together. When it came to removal I stuck my fingers in a little bowl of acetone and used a brush to gently scrub the glitter off. I prefer to remove glitter polish that way because it's fast and pain free. I was sad to see the lovely sparklies in the bottom of the dish and I felt a pang of guilt when I discarded it. Before I wiped my dish clean I noticed it was lightly glowing in the dim light. Pure awesome! My only regret is that I did not purchase the third color in this collection because I am loving what I have seen so far!

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