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Pastel Pink!

Essence Be Awesome Tonight!

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Essence,Be Awesome Tonight!,Barbie pink

Wouldn't it be nice if weekends could last just a little longer? I had a very nice and quiet one which I am grateful for. I wanted to keep things nice and light so I chose Essence Be Awesome Tonight! A very pretty light pink that claimed compliments from both Mr. Nailvanna and Miss. Nailvanna while I was still painting my nails. All I could think of as I looked at this color was strawberry ice cream. With these types of light cream pinks the first coat is usually on the patchy side but I saw none of that. The first coat was a little on the sheer side but by the second coat it built up to a flawless and completely opaque finish. I found the viscosity a little bit thicker than I was expecting, but it still allowed for a smooth and easy to manipulate, application. Shown here with two coats and top coat.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Essence,Be Awesome Tonight!,Barbie pink

While I was debating what I wanted to pair with Be Awesome Tonight! Mr. Nailvanna suggested I leave it as it was. I almost did but I had already picked out what design I wanted to stamp on it and I thought a white design would look pretty nice. I am quite pleased with how it turned out and so was everyone else. This little bottle has some pretty awesome polish in it. While the color is not terribly unique, the formula is much better then a lot of the other light pinks out there, so I recommend picking this one up. I have mentioned that every time I post Essence that I am pretty happy with how inexpensive these polishes are. I am also happy to see that they are slowly popping up in a few more stores than before! Have you seem then around? Happy Shopping!

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