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I can't believe I waited this long to have an Affair!

Color Club Winter Affair

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Color Club Winter,Affair

I picked up Color Club Winter Affair just this summer but it has been on my wish list ever since I saw it on someone else a couple of years go. It's a burgundy meets plum, dark and rich filled with shimmer and glass flecks that give this polish amazing depth. It's what I noticed about it the first time I saw it and had to know what it was. In this picture I am wearing two coats with top coat. The formula is a dream to work with. Great consistency and opacity and I did not have to do any clean up whatsoever because it's very easy to control. It is so nice when you get your hands on something you have been wanting and it's everything you expected. With flash (top) and without it's a gorgeous color.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Color Club Winter,Affair

See what I mean? It will never get mistaken for black but it will still give you dark and sexy nails with minimal effort. I would like to play around with some toppers on Winter Affair but since it was the first time I have worn it I wanted to get a feel for it without any distractions. I was happy with removal as well. I did not experience any of the staining that can happen with some dark colors. I did wear a base coat just in case though. Don't put off picking this one up as long as I have because like me, you will end up realizing that you could have been wearing it already!

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