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Sally Hansen Lava

Nailvanna,Nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sally Hansen,Lava

One of my girlfriends was telling me to check out her Instagram because she posted the cutest picture ever for throw back Thursday and that got me thinking. I have a few older polishes that to this day are on my favorites list and probably will remain there until the end of time. Sally Hansen Lava is certainly one of them. It's one of the prettiest duo chromes I have come across and I never get tired of wearing. It's a foil that shifts from orange to pink to gold indoors and outdoors. As long as you have light Lava will just keep shifting. It's been a while since I wore it and I had almost forgotten how much I loved it until I started thinking about throw back Thursdays. When it was released in 2012 Lava was easy to find but now it's a bit tricky . I have come across it on more then one occasion so it is still out there for those of you who are determined to own it. The formula is easy but a touch on the sheer side so you will need two or three coats for opacity depending on how thickly you apply it. I prefer to paint thin coats as I find that polish applied in thicker coats tends to chip faster. I am wearing three coats without top coat in these pictures. I took the picture before I applied top coat but only because I found it easier to photograph the color shift that way. Once my pictures were taken I applied it.

Nailvanna,Nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sally Hansen,Lava

I took a lot of pictures....Not because Lava was not cooperating but because I liked it. I have always liked duo chromes but this one in particular has drawn me in. The colors are just perfect and I love that the color shift is not shy. Removal is easy even though it's a foil with lots of micro glitter in there.. It's an oldie but a goody and hard to find but still out there. If Lava catches your fancy as it has caught mine I would recommend hunting for it sooner rather than later. It makes me sad to think that one day it will be impossible to find. Happy hunting!

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