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Take Out The Competition With This Raspberry Punch from Sinful Colors!

Sinful Colors Krop Top

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sinful Colors,Krop Top,Kylie Jenner

I only popped into the store to pick up milk and a package from the post office but I find it impossible not to walk down the nail polish isle. I spotted the Denim and Bling Sinful Colors display that I had not seen before, so I had to go take a look. Maybe I'll get one or two....or all eight new polishes on display... who is counting? Can I take the chance of getting just one? I mean what if I come back because I decided I wanted another one and they are all gone? I am not crazy I told my self as I juggled the bottles in my hands a little worried I would drop one. I have a web site and I can't have a web site about nail polish if I don't have enough nail polish! Never you mind that my collection at home is well into the four digits. I'd give you the number if I had not lost track. Well it's now plus eight... nine if you count the one I picked up at the post office. As soon as I could find the time after getting home I had them all lined up and ready to go before I realized that I had to make the agonizing decision of which one to wear first. In the end I made an executive decision and Krop Top won out but I'll give you a heads up now that you may see another one from Sinful Colors tomorrow because it was a tough decision. I absolutely love finding polish that gets me this excited. The formula for Krop Top was easy, smooth with a great consistency. I was not expecting a textured polish but as soon as I started painting with it I knew it would be. It has a similar feel to the OPI Liquid Sand line. I used two thin coats for opacity. I just love this shade of pink! Like a raspberry punch, except metallic. It dries down matte but the glitter keeps it sparkling.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sinful Colors,Krop Top,Kylie Jenner

I could not get enough of it! It's absolutely beautiful. You don't want to know how many pictures I took... not because I needed to but because I was having fun. I was also pleased to find that the texture did not irritate me. I'm not a huge fan of the way textures sometimes feel, it's a hit or miss for me but we all have our hang ups. Krop Top is perfect eye candy. I was still curious about what would happen if I made it glossy? I could not resist trying it.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sinful Colors,Krop Top,Kylie Jenner

I still love it! I did have to layer three coats of top coat to smooth it out but that is not surprising

for a textured polish. The hot pink micro glitter lights it up from within and my nails were glowing. The Kylie Jenner line is so much fun! They are inexpensive so you can easily justify buying all of them just like me! The hardest part you are going to have is deciding which one you want to wear first!

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