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Taupeiary, Nailvanna Style!

Orly Nite Owl

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Orly,Nite Owl,Nude,Taupe,Brown,shimmer

Orly Nite Owl did not look nearly as impressive in the bottle as it did on my nails! This is my kind of neutral, taupe brown with a glorious infusion of silver micro shimmer. The formula was quite nice and a pleasure to work with. Two easy coats for opacity without any fuss. I can't find a single reason why I would not recommend this polish. Before I took the picture I added my customary layer of top coat. I was quite pleased with my subtle manicure because the shimmer while subtle, cant be missed. I still have quite a few of my glitter toppers on my desk waiting to be put away. I like having them within reach, so I thought let's play! Nite Owl did not need anything, but I was a bit curious if just a touch more bling would improve it or would I regret it? I did not want to go overboard but ... I feel a little guilty neglecting the glitters and shimmers that made me fall in love with nail polish. I thought to myself... just a little bit.

Revlon Holographic Pearls

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Revlon,Holographic Pearls

I feel like I made the right decision! Just one coat of Revlon Holographic Pearls. I'm a sucker when it comes to holo polishes and the second I saw Holographic Pearls it was mine. It has a clear base packed fairly densely with silver holo micro glitter that catches even the slightest bit of light and glows. In the sun it's quite stunning as only a holo can be. It's a bit like China Glaze Fairy Dust but the holographic particles are larger and more densely packed. If you choose to you could quite easily build up Holographic Peals and have complete opacity. I found that took me four coats to do so in the past. I prefer to use it as a topper though as I have done over Nite Owl. I added a single layer of topcoat before taking the picture above. I wish mainstream polishes included more holos in their line ups, but since they don't I love being able to add the bling to them myself. I think you will agree that these two make a perfect couple, each bringing out the other's best attributes for a really stellar result that you will love!

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