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Mermaid's Tale

Sally Hansen Mermaid's Tale

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Sally Hansen Mermaid's Tale looked like my kind of polish, so home it came with me once upon a time! When it became so hot outside that my child declared her face was melting I figured it would be a great day to try it. There is a method to my madness, and I'll explain. I have said over and over again I love hot weather and I really do but the humidity has been pretty intense. This is not the ideal environment for painting nails or doing anything really except maybe eat ice cream for dinner. It's nice to be the one who gets to make the rules! Unfortunately nail polish can sometimes have a mind of it's own. When it's this hot and humid it does not apply as well as it could under better circumstances. In this weather all my tricks and tips to reduce nail polish bubbling are not very effective so I chose a polish that is saturated with glitter big and small. If there are bubbles in my manicure I couldn't see any and I looked very closely. Mermaid's Tale is a navy blue jelly polish with a generous amount of blue and green hex glitter and a healthy sprinkling of blue micro glitter. The formula seems a little bit thick on the brush because of how saturated with glitter it is, but it applied very nicely thanks to the shape of the brush. I had no issues with application but found that it's a very sheer polish. I did not want to use it as a topper so I built it up using four layers for this manicure and I got it as opaque as it looks in the bottle. I waited maybe three minutes between layers just to give it a bit of drying time. Mermaid's Tale is quite textured so I used two coats of top coat to get it as smooth as glass. I am very satisfied with my extreme hot weather manicure. It turned out darker than I anticipated but I'm totally in love with it. I'm glad I did not try to muck around with a creme polish because I am sure I saved myself quite a bit of frustration battling bubbles. I'm also going to tell you that you need to go buy this polish right now because you need to see how pretty it is with your own eyes. Someone asked me today what my favorite nail polish brand was and I told her I did not have one and I much preferred to evaluate each polish on it's own because every brand has hits and misses. Sally Hansen nailed this one as far as I am concerned. Mermaid's Tale is a definite hit!

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