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It's not the heat, it's the HUMIDITY!

Sinful Colors Kool As A Kukumber

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Sinful Colors Kool As A Kukumber is another nail polish from the Kylie Jenner collection. This summer is turning into a scorcher in my corner of the world so something that looks cool and refreshing is pretty appealing. Maybe if my nails look cool it will stop me from melting. I can handle the heat, I quite enjoy it actually, but my hair and the humidity in the air have done me in. I'm sure you have all had those days where you know it's futile to fight the frizz and just embrace the spider clip. I would be so lost without mine. Is there nail polish called good hair day? I would buy that in a heart beat! Before I started painting my nails with Kool As A Kukumber I wondered if maybe I should pick something that was a little more glitter heavy as there was a good chance my nail polish might bubble. Humidity has a way of coaxing those little buggers out. I really liked the color for Kool As A KuKumber so I went ahead with it anyways. Worst case scenario it bubbles and I choose a new polish. I found that the formula had a decent consistency but it was a little bit fussy. Because it dries matte it leaves very little room for error or forgiveness so your brush stokes need be even and precise, and for the love of god do not apply this polish unevenly because when it dries it will be lumpy and you could end up looking like a seven year old painted your nails. OK.... so it was not one my favorite formulas but I've used worse. I have reviewed several Sinful Colors polishes lately but this was the first one in a while that I wasn't loving. The dry time was longer than I would have liked as well but as I mentioned the humidity has been awful and I am not sure if I should blame the polish, or the weather. I love the pale sage green and the fine shimmer in the polish. It almost reminds me of the way the sand sometimes sparkles. I did add a layer of top coat before removing the polish just to see if the gloss would bring the shimmer out, Unsurprisingly there really was not much difference. I think if you deiced to try Kool As A Kukumber you could choose the finish to suit your mood and go with glossy or matte.

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