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Here Comes The Sun!

China Glaze Celtic Sun

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China Glaze Celtic Sun is such a bright neon that the bottle just about glows. I wanted to get the full effect so I made sure to paint a white base on my nails before starting. I was expecting Celtic Sun to be a bit streaky because that is just the way yellows usually are. Turns out I had nothing to worry about because the formula is more of a jelly then a cream. My first coat applied very smoothly but was a bit patchy. The second coat evened everything out flawlessly. Just looking at this picture makes me happy. It dried a touch flat but it is a neon and that was to be expected. A quick layer of top coat added a gorgeous gloss. I feel as if my nails are bright enough to be quarantined. My nails are brighter than my high lighter. My poor camera.... It took me longer to try to get a decent picture than it did to paint my nails. I feel the color is a little bit greener than the polish looked on my nails but no matter how hard I tried it just did not show up in the pictures perfectly. My lens was not meant to take this kind of abuse. Neon has been with us since it was discovered in 1898 founded on the humble beginnings of a century-old science experiment. In the 1960's Andy Warhol created the iconic portrait of Marilyn Monroe making a pop culture neon statement. By the 1980's neon fashion had made it to the main stream and it never left us. It's popularity just keeps growing and now we have not just neon art and clothing, but neon furniture, makeup and we can't forget to mention my favorite product, nail polish! I'm certain you can get just about anything you want in neon if you looked hard enough. I have to admit that I used to be one of those people who made snarky comments about this fashion trend but the first time I painted my nails with one of these radiant colors I changed my tune and have embraced the glow of neon. Celtic Sun was released in 2008 but is still available today. I hope that China Glaze keeps this one in circulation because I think I just found my favorite new yellow. As a final note before publishing this post I tested out how Celtic Sun did without a white base coat. I would not recommend wearing it on it's own as it is just too transparent but a quick white base will have you walking on sunshine.

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