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This Boom is Busted!

Sally Hansen Blue Boom

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When I came across Sally Hansen Blue Boom I thought it was a lovely color and the sparkles in the bottle were intriguing. I did not examine it in depth in the store and was more then happy to play with it the night I got it home. For those of you who may have noticed, I quite often gravitate towards the blues but next season that may change and I may be obsessed with another color. I found the formula a little thick and it wasn't the greatest at leveler but I suspect that the glitter is what threw me off. I don't know how many times I have typed the words I love glitter but I know it's been a lot because I truly do. The round ones, the hex ones, hearts and stars and don't forget the flakies. I left a ton of shapes out I know but you get the idea. I am not however a fan of the bar glitter. Those little sticks I find incredibly irritating. Every time I see them I feel like the manufacturer forgot to finish cutting up the glitter into smaller bits or just got lazy. I have never once purchased a bar glitter polish before because I find that no matter how it's applied it always looks unfinished. I Just can't shake that thought. The bars always seem out of place and messy. Blue Boom is a beautiful shade of admiral blue and initially I only noticed the little flecks of silver glitter. Turns out the bars were settled mostly to the bottom but once I rolled it around to mix things up I noticed them right away. I might have pursed my lips a little but thought to myself that if I can fall in love with textured polish after all this time maybe I should revisit bar glitter as well. I am after all a professional. I applied two coats of the polish and followed it up with top coat. I took the picture for my post and went on about my day. I would look at my nails and think what a lovely blue...then notice a piece of bar glitter and resist the urge to pick at it. I never pick at my nails.... ever... but that urge to remove the bars never left. I was actually happy to come home and remove it. Sally Hansen has many beautiful polishes but I feel that Blue Boom bombed. The formula was ok at best and the glitter needs work. I recommend passing on this one.

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