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China Glaze Moulin Rouge

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Happy Canada Day everyone! I hope you are all having a great day. I picked China Glaze Moulin Rouge to wear today because the shade of red felt right with today's holiday. Canada Day has always been my favorite holiday for more reasons then I can count and I feel very grateful to be living in such an amazing country. I have been wanting to try this polish for ages but for some reason I just have not had a chance to. The formula was a little bit thick, usually jelly polishes are smooth and apply like butter but this one felt more sticky. Application was not difficult by any means but the feel of it surprised me enough that I felt I should mention it. From the first coat it was obvious that this jelly is not as transparent as jellies typically are and there was no sign of the squishiness that usually accompanies it as well. I applied three coats for opacity and with each layer it was a little bit more bumpy because of the glitter. A generous layer of top coat did completely smooth things out and brought the gold and fuchsia glitter to life. Without top coat it looks a bit mundane to me because the finish is flat but I liked the look of Moulin Rouge once it was glossy. I had very high hopes for this polish, possibly because I love the story of Moulin Rouge and have seen the movie many times. I felt that this formulas performance fell a bit flat, bumps and all but the color and glitter made up for it. I am not going to discourage you from picking this one up if you happen to come across it because it is a gorgeous color! I do not however recommend that you drive yourself crazy looking for it.

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