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Sinful Colors Real Regal

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Sinful Colors Real Regal is one of those colors that drew me like a moth to a flame. It's a brilliant fuchsia with hot pink flakes that light this polish up from the inside out. I have to admit I am very impressed with most of the Kylie Jenner collection. Sinful Colors was not a brand that I had collected and only had a few colors before the Kylie Jenner collection came out. I have picked up just about every one I have come across in that collection so far and added some others to get a better feel for the brand. The colors are fantastic and I have not had an issue with any of the formulas in the Kylie collection that I have tried so far. I love that it's such a great price and so accessible as well. I was very excited to try Real Regal and I tested it out as soon as I brought it home. I found the formula a little on the thick side but but still very easy to use. The consistency of this polish made it easy to control and I loved not having to do any clean up around the cuticles. I always dread the watery formulas but there were no issues with that here. I applied two coats for opacity before adding top coat. That hot pink shimmer just had me crushing on my nails. I think it's safe to say I enjoyed almost everything about Real Regal with the exception of the name. I don't feel that it's very fitting. If it was my choice I think I would have called it something much more clever and fun. This polish does not make me think of anything regal. It screams fun, sun and beautiful nails.

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