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Sinful Colors I Miss You

Sinful Colors I Miss You has been in my collection for quite some time. Since I have had some really great experiences with the newly released Sinful Color polishes I thought maybe I would check out some of my untried ones and give them a chance. I Miss You is a pretty purple and silver glitter in a jelly base. I had to use four coats to get it this opaque but the formula is smooth and easy so I did not mind one bit. I love these kinds of formulas that are smooth and easy to apply. I imagine that this may be a bit more appropriate as a topper and I am going to have to try that as well. I think you will agree that no matter what you decide to do with this polish it's beautiful on it's own! It's worth taking note that even as loaded with glitter as I Miss You is it dries down fairly smooth, so I only had to apply one coat of top coat before taking a picture. As I expected the glitter has some major flash in the sun but even in the harsh fluorescent office lights it is very pleasing. It's glitter girls... no matter what your light source it's going to look good! The fun comes when its time to take it off (yes I am being sarcastic). I have made peace with the removal process that comes with flashy nails a long time ago. When you love glitter as much as I do you find ways to make it work. One of the methods I find that works for removing glitter is using a little bowl of acetone and soaking my nails just long enough to loosen the glitter and then using an old eye shadow brush to clean it off. Yes this takes a bit more acetone than just soaking a cotton ball and going to town rubbing your nails but I HATE the way that feels. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Not to mention it takes so much longer and the money that I would save on acetone I would probably end up spending on the extra cotton balls! I prefer to take the path of least resistance and soaking requires very little effort and the frustration level is non existent. Painting my nails is about making myself feel good and not about finding new levels of frustration. If you try my soaking off method please keep in mind that not all makeup brushes are created equal and some will melt in the acetone. Yep true story...I was pretty surprised when that happened the first time. I recommend using an old brush that you no longer use for it's intended purpose and won't shed any tears over, if it melts. Lastly, you should wash your hands as soon as you are done removing the glitter polish and moisturize thoroughly because acetone will dry out your delicate cuticles.

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