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Red-y For Anything!

China Glaze Red-y To Rave

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China Glaze Red-y To Rave was released for the Summer 2015 Electric Nights Collection. It's a lovely orange with a touch of coral. Not only does this polish have an awesome formula that is not patchy but I love that I require only two coats for opacity and it applies smoothly. I did not apply a white base coat but if you choose to do so the color will be brighter and much more neon orange. I have worn Red-y To Rave a few times now and today I was in the mood for something a bit softer than a blinding neon. I added top coat for gloss and I'm Red-y for anything! It's not often I find a neon polish that I enjoy as much as this one without a white base. There are some neon polishes out there that do not need a primer beneath them to glow and that is pretty cool. I find that this polish is just very flattering on my skin tone. Just about every time I wear it someone tells me what a lovely color it is on me, and who doesn't like being complimented? From my previous experiences wearing Red-y To Rave I can also tell you that this one has really great durability. In the past I have worn this polish for almost a week before I got my first chip. Most polishes usually last me about two to three days of wear before I see chipping and that's with the addition of a good top coat. If I don't then generally the day I apply it is the day it starts chipping. This could have something to do with body chemistry. With perfume, something that may be lovely on you may not be quite so pleasant on someone else. Polish will not adhere the same way for every person. I know that the quest for long lasting nail polish is a lifelong quest for some, but change is good. One of the things I love about nail polish is the ease with which we can change it out! Orange today, Robin's egg blue tomorrow! All of it accomplished with ease especially if you are using a fast drying top coat. Happy painting girls, I'll see you tomorrow!

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