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This Polish Needs A Fairy Godmother

Sinful Colors Cinderella

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Slap a fairy tale theme on a bottle of nail polish and I am inclined to stop and take a look. I loved fairy tales as a little girl and spent countless hours daydreaming about Prince Charming, dragons and enchanted forests. Now that I have a little girl of my own I find myself revisiting those old friends with her and making new ones thanks to her rich imagination and new Disney movies so I am not surprised I still gravitate towards them even as an adult. I picked up this bottle of Sinful Colors because of just that. It's called Cinderella and it's a pretty shimmer filled powder blue polish. The formula is sheer and thin. I had to use three coats for the picture and you can still see my nail line. While that is not always a bad thing I don't believe that was the intention. I put top coat on then took a picture for you guys then went on about my day. I used fast drying top coat to help my polish dry. In a pinch I will reach for drying drops but that is a rare occasion. Cinderella was just not drying for me though so I did try that trick. After twelve hours my polish was still soft enough to indent even after the top coat and drying drops. That was pretty much it for me. I do have my limits and when a polish refuses to dry that means off it comes. I cannot in good conscience recommend this polish. I am very tempted to run out and buy a second bottle just to find out if I managed to get a faulty one however every time I read a review where the reviewer feels they may have gotten a bad bottle I am a little bit skeptical. Would that not imply they let a whole bad batch happen? The new bottle will be probably faulty as well? Anyone human can make a mistake and polish makers are not exempt and sometimes the formula is just crap. I think this is the reason I have been gravitating towards the indie polishes more lately. While most of my polishes are mainstream (love just being able to pop out to the store and buy the polish I want and have it on my nails within hours) I have never come across an indie polish that was not well made because they are usually hand blended and a lot of care is invested in the making of them. The down side to indie is the wait. Some of you may say the wait and the anticipation are all part of the experience. I hate the wait, but once I have the polish at least to date, it was totally worth waiting for. This polish may be a dud but it is a good reminder why I started Nailvanna in the first place.

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