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Winter Wonderland?

Zoya Aspen

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,zoya,aspen,matte velvet,white

I was trying to decide what I wanted to do with my nails. I wanted something light and pretty. I have been playing around with a few white nail polishes because I just ordered a bottle (or two but hey who is counting!) of neon polish(s) that I'm pretty sure had my name on it and most neons are the brightest on top of a while base coat. I felt this was a good day to test some of my untried whites. I did not get far. Aspen was the first one I tried. It was released as part of the Matte Velvet Collection 2015 from Zoya. I had every intention of playing with the collection but matte polish usually does not captivate me as much as glitter and gloss do. The formula was a little bit on the thick side but a little bit of patience went a long way and three thin coats was all it took. I was pretty happy with the shade and the finish as well because it has a delicate shimmer too it like fresh snow. However we are not far enough away from winter to be dreaming of snow, though I did scold myself for not pulling this gem out a few months ago. I hated the thought of taking it off. The solution to my little dilemma was sitting right beside my keyboard.

China Glaze Moonlight The Night

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,china glaze,Monlight The Night,house of color,glitter

I had picked up a few bottles of China Glaze from the House of Color collection that was released just this spring. I had not played with any of them yet but was planning on it in the very near future. In the bottle Moonlight the Night looks dark so I certainly did not expect the gorgeous glitter that came out of this unassuming little bottle. Transparent blue and purple and iridescent glitter all in a clear base. I can layer this on so many different colors! You are looking at one coat over Aspen and as you can see the glitter load is very rewarding. I put a layer of top coat on and took a took a picture. Love it!

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,china glaze,Monlight The Night,house of color,glitter

I love that the shimmer from Aspen lights it up from below and Moonlight the Night adds amazing color. I just had to get a macro shot to show you. Anyone else get a craving for those candy coated chocolate mini eggs?

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