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Singin' the Blues

Sally Hansen Babe Blue

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Sally Hansens Babe Blue has been waiting on my untried list for longer then I intended it to. Anyone else feel like they could use a few extra hours in a day? I'm sure we have all sang that tune at one time or another. With thoughts toward the promise of spring and pretty flowers floating around in my head I picked this bright and pretty blue to wear today. Found out very quickly that the formula is really thin. You are going to have to be careful not to leave too much polish on the brush otherwise it will get really messy. You will also need a bit of patience with this one as it did not level as well as I would have liked it to and I did need three coats to reach opacity. Top coat will help you make it look more level but will not fix the patchy look. In the bottle Babe Blue has a subtle shimmer that is not visible on nails once the polish dries so it's actually alot more of a cream and a lot less of a shimmer. The color is lovely but the formula was a let down and the loss of shimmer as it dries was a huge disappointment for me. I doubt I will be wearing this one again because I can find similar shades in other polishes with much better formulas.

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