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China Glaze Boundry Of Memory

Boundry of Memory from China Glaze is pure awesome. Clear base packed full with very fine gold, silver and pewter glitter. Coverage was complete in just two coats and the consistency is amazing for a full glitter formula. I suppose if you went super light handed you could use this as a topper but why would you want to? More glitter is more happy! No matter what the lighting is like... as long as you have some, your nails are going to be bling bling all day long when you wear this polish. I love this polish so much I thought maybe I should write this post in all caps... but that would have left you wondering if I hit my head. Nope, not so far today!

I tried very hard to capture this polish with my camera but I feel I came up short. Every piece of glitter you see in these pictures catches the light and glimmers with sparkly goodness! This is one of those polishes that I NEED to have a back up of just in case!

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