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Found My Dark Horse!

Revlon Enthrall

Revlon Enthrall is from the Brilliant Strength line that has built in base and top coats for stronger, harder nails. Enthrall was a pleasant surprise. I pulled this one out of my stash last night thinking it was dark and brownish. In the bottle it was much more unassuming.I don't know about you but I always use a base coat no matter what the polish is. As soon as I painted my first nail the little voice in my head was saying BOOM! What ever I was expecting looking at the bottle it was not the kick in the face that this rich coppery green goodness delivers. This is a dark color but the gold flecks in give it an amazing depth. By the second coat I knew I had a winner and the perfect polish for my favorite strappy green sandals! I love this part of playing with nail polish. Two coats followed up with Essie good to go top coat was all I needed.

Stay Tuned for my future post on base coats!

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