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Mischief Managed!

Kokie Mischievous

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When I applied Kokie Mischievous I was expecting a pretty dark blue duo-chrome polish. Maybe the bottle needed a more thorough mixing, giving me the wrong impression, but long story short I did not see any color shifting. The formula was typical Kokie as I have come to think of it, and in case you haven't seen my other posts typical Kokie means consistently fantastic. It applies smoothly and evenly without one bit of fuss which makes painting your nails a very enjoyable experience. Once I applied Mischievous I decided I would wear it out for the day to see if I could catch a bit of a color shift in natural light . I was really looking for the purple that I could see stuck to the inside of the bottle, but I never did see it. I have come to realize it was just as I suspected and I did not mix my polish thoroughly. So Mischievous is not a duo-chrome, but it is one of the deepest, darkest, most gorgeous, inky navy blues you can get your hands on! You probably already know that when it comes to blue nail polish I'm a bit of a junkie, but the number of people that asked me to come closer to look at my polish was impressive. I received a whole lot of compliments and of course I was loving the color as well. My intentions were to come home after work and play with my stamper and see what I would end up with. What actually happened was I got super busy, hence fewer posts last week and kept this mani on as it was until Sunday. Two coats of Mischievous and a layer of top coat is what you see pictured above. My track record for wrecking polish is pretty fierce and rarely do I get more than two days without chipping it. At the end of day three I had a little bit of tip wear but not a single chip. I really hate having chipped nail polish on so when I know I will not have time to change my manicure I like to wear neutrals because those are harder to notice when chipped. Dark colors like this cannot hide the flaws but this was unplanned extended wear. By the end of day three I was thoroughly impressed with the longevity but I could not help but wonder about what my nails would look like when I removed my polish. How blue are my nails going to be? I am excellent at jumping to conclusions and even though I have never once had an issue with a Kokie polish I was certain that a blue this dark would leave me with blue stained nails. I was wearing just a thin layer of base coat and when has that been adequate at preventing the blues from staining? I might have held my breath while removing my nail polish but not for long. Not a single hint of blue was to be found on any of my nails! Only someone who has experienced horribly blue stained nails as I have can appreciate the extent of my relief. I can now say that Mischievous has everything going for it that I look for in a polish. Great formula, gorgeous color and durability. You add that it doesn't stain to the list and it's a great price and as far as I am concerned everyone should have this one or maybe two just to be safe. My nail polish collection is extensive and I have become very selective about things like back up bottles of polish. I usually reserve that for limited edition polishes and even those have to be something special for me to pick up a second bottle. Mischievous is definitely back up bottle worthy in my book.

Disclaimer! I have received these as press samples from Kokie Cosmetics (pronounced Co-Key) . At Nailvanna we pride ourselves on honesty, openness and transparency and you can read my full disclosure statement here concerning our reviewing practices.

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