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Let's just say I won't be investing any more into this Trust Fund.

Trust Fund Beauty $12 Latte

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Ipsy,Trust Fund Beauty, $12 Latte

I always look forward to my monthly Ipsy bag, and occasionally I cheat and look at my online account before hand yo find out what I will get. Since I love surprises I don't cheat very often. It's always exciting when I get a bottle of nail polish and this month was no different. I received Trust Fund Beauty $12 Latte. I was a bit surprised by the color, as the chocolate browns are usually more of a fall thing. As soon as I cracked the bottle open I felt that I might have a problem. The viscosity was just so odd....stringy. It's not thick so I decided against my initial reaction of adding a few drops of nail polish thinner to it but maybe I should have. Application was not a whole lot of fun as you may have already guessed. It did not apply evenly, but because it is well pigmented it surprisingly was not very streaky. On a positive note it dried very fast. .... but it bubbled a bit. Once I applied top coat the bubbles were no longer visible hence the reason I preach so much about not skipping the top coat. This picture was after two coats of polish and top coat. I was still pretty unhappy with my nails.... Part of it was the color, I feel brighter and cheery colors are more appealing this time of the year but mostly I was not happy with the nail polish.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Ipsy,Trust Fund Beauty, $12 Latte

It's been a little while since I had my stamper out, but today I needed it. Sally Hansen Go For Gold has been my go to gold stamping polish for a while now, and once again it did not disappoint. After all of the imperfections of $12 Latte were hidden, or mostly covered up, I found that I liked it. I have seen Trust Fund around and even have a couple of bottles kicking around that I haven't tried yet. I'm not in a particular hurry to get to them after my experience with this polish, but maybe next time I will be pleasantly surprised? I am hoping that I will be because I don't think I want to wear this one ever again.

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