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Kokie We Wear Pink

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It turns out that I have not had enough of wearing pink because I was more than happy to paint my nails with Kokie We Wear Pink. A gold shimmer filled bubble gum pink that would have been amazing during Valentines, however I am really glad that I put off wearing it. We have had so many overcast and gloomy days that I might not have fully appreciated the twinkle on this awesome polish. It was bright and sunny today and that allowed me to appreciate all those pretty gold particles glittering in the sunlight. How awesome will this look on the beach in the summer? or am I getting ahead of myself by daydreaming about sand and sun already? It may be wishful thinking and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. The formula for We Wear Pink is another winner from Kokie. It just glides on your nails like butter and the consistency is spot on. I applied three thin coats but two of yours might be enough if you apply it a bit thicker. I would be comfortable calling this one a crelly that builds up very nicely. Not as sheer as a jelly but not as opaque as a cream makes this a crelly! This formula allows the shimmer to show through, and since there is a lot of that gorgeous gold in there it would be a shame to hide it. At no time ever was the shimmer not visible. I decided against adding any embellishments to We Wear Pink because it needed nothing but a quick layer of top coat.

Disclaimer! I have received these as press samples from Kokie Cosmetics (pronounced Co-Key) . At Nailvanna we pride ourselves on honesty, openness and transparency and you can read my full disclosure statement here concerning our reviewing practices.

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