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Raspberry Delight!

Essie Haute In The Heat

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Essie,Haute In The Heat,pink

Did we not just have a Monday? The weekend always goes by so quickly, especially that tail end of Sunday where you are trying to squeeze in the things that you meant to do earlier but never did get around to. By the time I realized what time it was it was past my bed time. My nails were still naked and I was tempted to leave them bare but it just did not feel right. I grabbed Essie Haute In The Heat from my untried basket. It looked liked it would suit my criteria for my pink/red Valentine's Day theme. I applied the first coat and thankfully I started out carefully, because I was not planning on fixing any disasters. The formula is pretty thin but not at all streaky. I almost flooded my cuticles on the first nail that I painted, but the key word here was almost. The first coat dried fast, so I applied the second coat almost as soon as I was done with the first one. Haute In The Heat dries shiny and is pretty sheer. You can make out my nail lines after the second coat but it's not as noticeable in person as it is in this picture. I found the formula for this rich raspberry pink very easy to work with and the thin Essie brushes allow you to get nice and close to you cuticles. Since I change my polish so frequently, I try to stay away from my cuticles to avoid staining them. Two coats with top coat.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Essie,Haute In The Heat,pink

I thought about adding another layer of Haute In The Heat to see if it builds up for full opacity, but since I was stamping over it I stopped after two coats. I used Essie Leggy Legend, a metallic bronze to enhance my manicure, I was thrilled by how well it turned out.

I had the hardest time taking the pictures. My camera struggled to capture the true color and the color of the bottle is closer to the color of the polish than my nails would have you believe. This was one of my quicker manicures taking about 15 - 20 minutes. Using a fast dry top coat will only make your life easier. I know that some of you skip this step because you see it as another layer that will take time. It could not be further from the truth. It will make your polish dry quicker, smoother and let's not forget my personal favorite, glossier!

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