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Frosted Or Glossy, This Pink, Rocks!

Gosh Frosted Soft Pink

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Gosh,Frosted Soft Pink,pink,textured

I thought a textured pink would be a fun one for this weeks Valentine's Day theme so I chose Gosh Frosted Soft Pink. A pale pastel pink that glitters prettily with iridescent particles that I especially loved in low lighting because it seemed to glow on my nails. Definitely a good choice for date night! The formula was very easy to work with but I found that this one took a little bit longer to dry than the other textured Gosh polishes that I have tried. I'm used to these types of polishes drying in a couple of minutes where as this was over the 15 minute mark. My environment might have had something to do with that as well since my heat is still cranked on high but either way it's not a terribly long time to wait for nail polish to dry. The texture has a fine gritty sandy feel to it that did not irritate me and it did not snag on any of my clothing. I applied two coats for opacity.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Gosh,Frosted Soft Pink,pink,textured

This review would not be complete without seeing how this beauty looks glossy! I added top coat and once again, as with the other textured polishes, it took me three layers of top coat, but once dry my nails felt as smooth as glass. The texture beneath the top coat looked so cool that I spent a fair bit of time admiring my nails. If you are not a textured polish lover you should definitely give it a try with top coat. It makes for a pretty fabulous manicure! Frosted Soft Pink is such a flattering soft and light pink and I really liked wearing it. I will definitely be wearing this color for more than just Valentines day.

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