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It's Time To Celebrate With Kokie!

Kokie Pop The Champagne

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,Pop The Champagne,Gold

Last Friday I promised you that I would post Kokie Pop The Champagne and I did not want to keep you waiting. I had used it as a stamping polish over Azure Allure and I was really pleased with the results so I was looking forward to wearing it. The formula has a great consistency so it is easy to manipulate. I used two coats without any top coat for this picture because prefer to take pictures of metallic polishes before adding top coat. Without the added glare of the glossy finish the pictures tend to turn out truer. As much as I love gold I don't often love wearing gold nail polish because I rarely find it flattering with my skin tone. The yellow in the gold just does not work very well for me. Pop The Champagne is an exception to that because it is a pale gold and it looked awesome! Metallic polishes can be quite ruthless and show every brush stroke. Pop The Champagne is not 100% free of them but they are considerably less apparent than most metallic polishes. The camera picked up every little flaw and magnifies it, but in person they are minimal. Once you apply top coat they are virtually non existent to the naked eye.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,Pop The Champagne,Gold

For stamping purposes I liked this gold because it left a delicate image which was what I was looking for. I did not want a bold image transfer. If you have not seen my Azure Allure post you can find it here. I chose to stamp over it in black, but truth be told I think I preferred it on it's own. I really am quite happy to come across a gold that I can spend all day looking at and still be happy with at then end of the day. I know I am not the only one who feels that way so if you are like me and all things yellow turn you a little green you need to pick up Pop The Champagne!

Disclaimer! I have received these as press samples from Kokie Cosmetics (pronounced Co-Key) . At Nailvanna we pride ourselves on honesty, openness and transparency and you can read my full disclosure statement here concerning our reviewing practices.

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