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The Good, The Bad, And The Shifty!

Mac Mean & Green

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Mac Mean & Green is a fun multichrome nail polish that is constantly shifting. Olive,copper, green, teal, pink and purple are the colors I picked out when I was watching (Ok, so I watched a lot but it's my job!) Mean & Green has to be one of the shiftiest polishes I have ever worn. It reminded me a lot of a tourmaline gemstone half green, half pink. An easy formula to work with but a bit sheer. I needed to apply three coats before I was happy with the opacity, but since it dried quickly and without any texture it was not a big deal. These types of foil polishes are more photogenic without top coat, so for the picture above I am showing you just the bare polish. Once my pictures were taken, top coat was added to keep my polish perfect. I really enjoyed wearing Mean & Green. The most common comments that I hear about Mac polishes are usually about the price point. It is true that Mac is on the higher end of the scale at over $15 for a 10ml bottle. If you love a polish, I say spend the money. If you compare the price of a manicure to the cost of a bottle of nail polish you come out ahead just about every time! That's not even counting how many times you will be able to paint your nails with that one bottle. Most people will not be like me and hoard polish like a dragon might hoard treasure, so I really see nothing wrong with splurging on a polish once in a while. If you are willing to spend almost $60 for an eye shadow palette a little bottle of nail polish could probably squeak by...or maybe even two bottles? Yeah ok I'm greedy when it comes to nail polish but we all have our interests. What I am trying to say is that it's not about the price tag. It's about being good to yourself, you work hard and it's nice to be able to treat yourself once in a while. Yep I just justified buying more nail polish! You are welcome. Happy shopping girls, see you tomorrow.

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