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Girls Night Out!

I sat down today with some of the colors from the Kokie Rapidgel line. They apply and remove just like normal nail polishes – no UV light or soaking required, but it gives you the look of UV gel without the hassle. I found the Rapidgel polishes have a slightly thicker consistency then the regular Kokie polishes. They are easy to work with, not one of them has given me any trouble, you just need to be a bit more conscious about not overloading your brush. I found the formulas for all of the polishes that I am showing you today really easy to work with. All of my swatches today are two coats with top coat and I refrained from any alterations keeping the lid on my glitter and the cap on my stamper. I wanted you to get a good look at each color because they are amazing!

Kokie Heartbreaker

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,Rapidgel,Heartbreaker, red

I have always loved classic red nails. Heartbreaker is a true scarlet red.

Kokie Incognito

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,Rapidgel,Incognito,grey,taupe,greige

Incognito is an ash grey neutral with a touch of taupe, perfect for fall.

Kokie High Maintenance

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,Rapidgel,coral,High Maintenance

High Maintenance is a bright and juicy coral that will not go unnoticed.

Kokie Grape Escape

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,Rapidgel,Grape Escape,purple

Grape Escape is a royal purple creme.

Kokie Leaf Me Hanging

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,Rapidgel,Leaf Me Hanging,green

Leaf Me Hanging is a beautiful creamy jade.

I thought about picking favorites but I don't think I can. Today I would pick High Maintenance but yesterday I picked Incognito. If you ask me tomorrow chances are I will have once again changed my mind and picked something else. That's the beauty of nail polish, you can change your mind as many times as you are willing to paint your nails. The Rapidgel line does give you longevity with up to 7 days of chip free wear so you don't have to change your polish if you don't want to. I change my polish a lot more frequently than most which really isn't a problem with so many amazing colors to choose from. One of the things that I love about the Rapidgel line is that they have that cushy look gel polish has but I can do it myself and not break the bank. I'm not even going to mention the hassle of soaking off gel polish... I do not have that kind of time. The formula is thicker so I did allow about five minutes between layers but outside of that I painted my nails as I would normally. I enjoyed all of these polishes and I am pretty sure that you are going to as well. If you have not had a chance to check my other reviews on Kokie polishes you can read them here.

Disclaimer! I have received these as press samples from Kokie Cosmetics (pronounced Co-Key) . At Nailvanna we pride ourselves on honesty, openness and transparency and you can read my full disclosure statement here concerning our reviewing practices.

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