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This Post Is Full Of Awesome!

I sat down to play with some Kokie nail polish and decided to swatch a few different colors. I usually post them as I wear them but sometimes I just don't have the patience to wait and I need to see it right now. This post is a little more picture heavy than my posts usually are but I doubt anyone will mind. I just wanted to show you guys how amazing these polishes look. Let's not waste time.

Kokie Vintage

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,vintage,brown

I began with Vintage a brown creme polish. I wanted to try one of the neutrals for fall. I had no issues with this formula as it applied smooth and easy. Two coats for opacity. I found top coat was a necessity as it did not dry very glossy. Since top coat is not optional in my books I didn't see this as a problem. One of the keys to finding a good neutral polish is finding one that compliments your skin tone instead of competing with it. Unfortunately Vintage is just not the best color on me and my skin tone gives it a much too green appearance. It's more brown than green in person and if your skin tone leans more towards olive than pink this one might be a great choice for you.

Kokie Celestial

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,vitnage,brown,celestial,gitter

I am not a quitter so I decided to add a layer of Celestial as a topper. Glitter is always the answer. It changed the appearance of Vintage just enough that it looked a bit more flattering with my skin tone. Very fine holo hex glitter in a couple of different sizes suspended in a clear base. I applied one coat but I was a bit heavier handed than my normal approach. It might have something to do with being a little greedy for glitter... very likey. The formula has a good consistency and was easy to apply.

Kokie Celestial

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,celestial, glitter

I really liked Celestial so I decided to see what it would look like encrusting my nails . All that glitter is ... well awesome! . I painted on one coat of Celestial on my bare nails with the brush and then switched to a make up sponge and sponged the second layer on. Using a sponge to apply glitter polish allows you to place the most amount of glitter you can get on your nails while the sponge itself absorbs most of the suspension base. If I tried to paint my nails with Celestial to get this kind of coverage I shudder to think about how many layers that would take. It has a great formula as I said however it does not matter how awesome a nail polish is when you are painting one layer after another layer, there comes a point where it's just too thick on your nails. Since this polish is clearly meant to be a topper using a sponge was really the only option to get full coverage out of it. It is a little bit coarse to the touch after being sponged on but two layers of top coat is enough to smooth it out and it glitters so nicely!

Kokie Celestial with Notorious

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,Celestial,glitter,Notorious,purple

I thought a purple pattern might look nice stamped on top of all that glitter and I chose Notorious for that. Try as I might I could not get a picture of this that looked as good as it did in person but you should really take my word for it that it looks pretty fabulous. Getting a little derailed, swatching was turning into play time. Good thing I make the rules!

Kokie Notorious

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,Notorious,purple

Notorius is one sexy purple creme. The formula just glided onto my nails and I barely needed a second coat. I was keeping this one on and I knew that. This is why I don't usually sit down to just swatch. I get to a color that I fall in love with and I can't take it off. I applied two thin coats and top coat was necessary for a glossy finish. I decided to keep Notorious out to paint my toes as well later because it's a perfect fall shade.

Kokie Center Stage

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie, Center Stage,Glitter

Center Stage is just pure nail porn. Several shades of blue holographic hex glitter suspended in a clear base. I applied just one layer over Notorious and did not need to go fishing for glitter. It's loaded! The glitter is substantial so after my fist layer of top coat it still felt a little bumpy. I added a second layer of top coat and that made my nails as smooth as glass. Do you really need that second layer of top coat? Not really, the glitter won't catch on anything, it's not that thick,but I like that glassy smooth finish and the appearance of the glitter just about floating on top of my polish. I feel like I have reached my happy place today. Notorious and Center Stage are a wicked combination and I just do not have the heart to take it off.

I have more Kokie polishes to show you and I promise I will do so again soon. Maybe next time I won't get derailed but I cannot promise you on that one. In the mean time feel free to check them out for yourself here.

Disclaimer! I have received these as press samples from Kokie Cosmetics . At Nailvanna we pride ourselves on honesty, openness and transparency and you can read my full disclosure

statement here concerning our reviewing practices.

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