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This Bombshell Blew Me Away!

Be A Bombshell Holy Fuchsia

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Be A Bombshell,Holy Fuchsia

Every month I look forward to my Ipsy bag arrival. When there is nail polish inside my bag it's even better! I was very happy to find Be A Bombshell Holy Fuchsia in there this month and promptly cracked that baby open. I have never heard of this brand before so i was really excited about trying it out! The first thing I noticed was the smell... Nail polish always smells, there is no point in denying it but this one smells a little bit different. Since no one usually purchases nail polish because they enjoy the smell, I didn't worry about it and the smell did fade as it dried so there was no point in fixating on it too much. The color is a beautiful berry kissed fuchsia. The formula is perfect, with great consistency and dried nice and glossy. It's a cream polish but it feels almost like you are using a jelly. I applied two coats and it went on like butter. The only sore spot for me was the brush. I can and will muddle my way through just about anything and I generally do while occasionally cursing under my breath. Holy Fuchsia has a big fat brush. My nails are a very average size and the bush while soft and flexible fans out wider than some of my nails. This made working around the cuticles a little problematic to say the least. One swipe covered my pinky and the skin around it. A small brush dipped in acetone is the easiest fix for issues like these and that is exactly what I did. I can also tell you guys that you do not have to worry about this polish staining your skin. That's pretty important if you have to clean up around the cuticles. Final verdict? Loved it! It was my first go with the big fat brush and I am sure once I get the hang of it I will be less critical. It was just a bit of a learning curve. The formula makes up for the brush that is for certain. Be A Bombshell has made my radar and going to have to see about trying out some of their other polishes!

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Be A Bombshell,Holy Fuchsia

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