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Frisky In Fuchsia

Painted Polish Frisky In Fuchsia

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Painted Polish Frisky In Fuchsia is a fuchsia jelly base packed with holographic glitter. The formula is smooth and the jelly is tinted to a perfect opacity letting the glitter shine through. The glitter load is very satisfying. I really mean that... like crazy good. I have spent all day distracted by my nails because the sparkles are incredible and the dazzle is fierce. OK so it's no secret I have a thing for glitter because I advertise it every chance I get. Looking at the bottle I had an inkling that I would like Frisky In Fuchsia but I liked it way more than I expected to. Lil MIss Nailvanna slept in so I took that opportunity to paint my nails in peace and quiet. She woke up about the time I was applying my top coat and her little eyes just about popped out of her head when she examined my nails. She was ready to paint fingers, toes and anything else she could get her little hands on and was quick to let me know that OMG this is the perfect color for her and even though the nail polish she is wearing was just applied last night it was absolutely crucial that she have the same polish on as me. My love of glitter and nail polish has definitely rubbed off on her! I really can't blame her on this one especially after seeing how my nails looked in the sunlight. Pure nail porn! I recommend buying Frisky In Fuchsia and wearing it as soon as you get it but you may want to avoid activities that require your undivided attention because you too will spend the day with your eye balls glued to your nails just like I did. There are not many other nail polishes that I have worn that I received this many compliments about. Frisky In Fuchsia is a real head turner. Most people assumed I had layered some wicked combo to get this look. I applied two coats of polish and one layer of top coat for this picture. Even with all that glitter this polish was not very textured and only one layer of top coat was required to make it nice and smooth. I have not had very many opportunities to play with Painted Polish but it just made my watch list!

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