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Girly Bits Anniversary Crashers

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews, lacquer,Girly Bits,Anniversary Crashers

Girly Bits Anniversary Crashers is mix of yellow gold, deep blue, and holo gold micro glitter, with gold flakes mixed in. It really is one of those polishes that you need to see in person to truly appreciate because as the light catches the glitter, real magic happens. There is just so much happening with this. That deep blue glitter really sets it aside from any other glitter I have worn. It has a bit of an antique feel to it but with the power of bling. The formula was easy as pie to apply, with a great consistency and I had full coverage in just two coats. It does dry textured and semi matte but with a glitter load this heavy it would be silly to expect anything less. It took two generous layers of top coat to smooth my manicure out but holy pretty nails! Anniversary Crashers is newly released making it very easy to get your hands on!

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Girly Bits,Anniversary Crashers

Just had to get up close and personal to show you how gorgeous this polish is. Removal was a cake walk as well, if great formula and pretty glitter were not enough for you. Usually glitter gives some resistance during removal, so I got my little bowl of acetone and brush out expecting that a bit of soaking would be required. I was done almost as fast as if I were removing a creme polish! Brilliant! This means that there is no excuse for glitter avoidance. I believe this would be a great time to do a little shopping for some nail polish? !'ll see you tomorrow!

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