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License to Twill!

Essie Twill Seeker

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Essie,Twill Seeker

Essie Twill Seeker looks so gorgeous in the new twisted bottle. Dusty plum with a green shimmer that is going to be perfect for fall. If you are familiar with Essie's multi chrome, For The Twill Of It you may be wondering if this is the Gel Couture version. I was wondering the same thing myself and was pretty excited to try it. The formula is excellent. Smooth application and the consistency was spot on. The first time I tried the new Gel Couture line I did not love the brush because I felt it was a little bit larger than I prefer but I am a fan of the smaller brushes. Twill Seeker has the same brush as On The List but this time around I did not mind it as much and felt a lot more comfortable using it. I have to admit that it did allow me to use less brush strokes and the polish did go on smoothly and not a bit of touching up was required. I think it is definitely growing on me. Two quick and easy coats followed with the Gel Couture top coat and I was set. I was surprised by the color because it was not at all what I expected. Not a For The Twill Of It dupe at all. Indoors it looks mostly dark grey and the shimmer is not apparent at all. Outdoor the plum is a bit more visible but still pulls mostly grey and the green shimmer is very shy. All that said it's still a beautiful polish and I am going to be wearing this one again. I do wish that the green shimmer was stronger because when it does pop it's quite alluring. I guess waiting for that green shimmer is part of it's charm.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Essie,Twill Seeker

I could not resist a close up giving you a peek of that green fire that had me so excited. I recommend scooping this one up for fall. Great formula and grey color. For those of you not familiar with For The Twill Of It don't worry, I'm about to go pull mine out and show it to you very soon!

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