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Exotic Dragon Fruit

Ceramic Glaze Exotic Dragon Fruit

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Ceramic Glaze Exotic Dragon Fruit is a delicious neon pink that has a subtle pink shimmer. I reached for this neon because now that August is here I feel like it's almost time to pull out my darker colors in time for fall. I am not one to follow the rules that you can only wear certain colors during specific seasons but in the summer I feel I might appreciate the neons and the holos more because we have so much more time in the sun. I'm not ready to kiss the summer and all this glorious heat and humidity goodbye yet so I'm willing to put my polish in the fridge to cool it off enough so I can try to apply it and not have it bubble. I find that cooling the polish off helps with the application but Exotic Dragon Fruit did not need that cooling down. I have had this polish for a bit now and if I think about it I think it was the first Ceramic Glaze I purchased. You can clearly see the polish line in the picture that shows I have had a few wears out of this one so I have a bit more experience with it. The formula is smooth and easy to apply and only needed two coats for opacity. One of the things I love about this polish is that I do not need to apply a white base to get this beautiful neon pop of color. The formula dries very quickly but like most neon polishes it is matte, so I always apply top coat. I found that I got about three to four days of wear from Exotic Dragon Fruit before it chipped in the past and there were days when that was even less but that's with cleaning and dishes and all those unflattering household chores that are not much fun to discuss but unfortunately is a necessity of life. If I wore gloves while doing chores I am sure the life of my polish would be extended. I don't like wearing gloves though so I feel like a bit of a hypocrite telling you to wear them but I do enjoy painting my nails so I don't worry about chipping my polish. I just see it as an excuse to play with nail polish, not that I really need an excuse!

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