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Girly Bits The Power Of Love

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Girly Bits,The Power Of Love,lavender,glitter,holo

Girly Bits The Power Of Love is a lavender holo sprinkled with lavender, sea green and silver holo glitter, plus purple shimmer and sparks of silver holo. That is a lot of awesome packed into a tiny little bottle. The first time I looked at the bottle I thought it was pretty but when I started painting my nails with it I realized this was bloody awesome. In the bottle you cannot really see the depth of this polish but once you start working it .... who knew?!! The formula was beautiful to work with. I originally thought that all that glitter would weigh the formula down a bit but it was smooth and the application seamless! I applied three coats, though two would have been enough. I think I was just really enjoying myself, and lets face it who doesn't want a little more bling! One layer of top coat left me with smooth and glossy nails for this picture. Now for the bad news. This shade has now been retired meaning that if you would like to own it you can probably still track it down but not for much longer. I find I am wondering why I have only just now worn it for the first time. Just another reminder that you can never judge a polish by the bottle! Happy Hunting Girls!

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Girly Bits,The Power Of Love,lavender,glitter,holo

You can get as close as you want it's still beautiful, unlike an impressionist painting that requires distance to truly be able to appreciate. Removal was not as bad as glitter can be but it did take a minute, so a touch of patience will be required. The Power Of Love is a beautiful addition to any nail polish lovers collection. I recommend hunting this one down before it's gone for good. In fact I might have to get myself a backup, you can never have too many bottles of awesome!

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