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Zoya Mirajane

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Zoya Mirajane is from the newly release Ultra Brights Safe Neons Summer 2016 collection. There are six gorgeous creme shades in this collection and choosing which one to wear first was not easy. The colors in the bottle are bright like gemstones but I finally chose Mirajane, a classic bright navy. I decided to follow manufactures suggestion this time (don't get used to it) and applied a white base coat to get the most pop out of the color. The formula surprised me a bit. It did not feel like the typical creamy Zoya. It's more like a jelly polish with more pigment. It had a good consistency and leveled well. The first coat was patchy and my heart sank a little because I had really wanted this collection to be awesome. The second coat evened things out beautifully and my third coat had me captivated and wanting to start taking pictures . I applied a glossy top coat and took a few pictures because as with a typical neon it does dry satin. I had a hard time capturing the exact shade of Mirajane. This picture is close but in person it has an intensity that I had a hard time trying to capture. My nails look like they are coated in rich and vibrant ink fresh from a fountain pen and I cannot take my eyes off them. It's intense and gripping and you really need to see it in person. After wearing Marijane I cannot wait to try the rest of the collection!

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