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A England Kalinka

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A England Kalinka was the polish from this collection that I had the hardest time with, but not for the reason you might expect. It was the name that struck me. Every time I get my hands on a new bottle of polish one of the first things I do is check the name out. I'm always curious why it was named what it was named and what inspired that person who got to do the naming? I looked it up because I was thinking she maybe meant to name it Palinka, a Hungarian fruit brandy which is a very strong and potent alcoholic beverage that I am familiar with but never got the taste for. I looked up Kalinka and it turns out that it is a red sour berry and also the title of a love song about the sweet and sour nature of love. There is that Russian Soul! A England does not bombard us with multiple collections a season but instead once to twice a year gives us a very well thought out collection. Kalinka is just as rich as the first three polishes from this collection. At first glance it looks like a silver holo but just as you glance away a purple shift catches your eyes. It's a metallic silver with a holo finish that's iridescent like a moonstone. The formula is smooth as butter and very opaque. I did apply two coats but it's rich enough that it will lend itself to stamping beautifully. Metallic polishes tend to show the brush strokes quite often and if you look closely enough you will pick up a few faint ones in Kalinka, they are not very prominent nor do they distract from the beauty of this polish. I'm a little bit sad that I only have one polish left to review in this collection but I am excited to try it.

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