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A England Natasha's Dance War & Peace

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A England Natasha's Dance War & Peace is the third polish I chose to wear from this summers Russian Soul collection. I was ecstatic to see a summer collection with black in it. The bright neons and the blinding glitters that are typical for summer are a tone of fun and I love wearing them but it feels great to have something a little more serious and sophisticated to reach for. I feel this whole collection has incredible depth and elegance. Russian art and music is so full of passion and emotion but I find it's also very trenchant. They seldom sugar coat. Just the cold hard truth with a shot of vodka to chase it down. That passion was the inspiration behind this collection by Adina Bodana who is the creator of A England. She is one of those women who exude creativity and does everything on her own terms. She follows no trends, she creates them. I find her incredibly fascinating and would love to be able to sit down and talk to her because she is such a great role model and very inspiring. I found the formula for Natasha's Dance War & Peace a little thick but very easy to use, it is heavily pigmented. It's almost a one coater I just was not quite there so I added a second. I am wearing two coats with top coat pictured above. I loved how full of holo shimmer this back beauty is. Usually the dark colors get shunned to the colder seasons but summer sun brings the holo shimmer making it an excellent choice. I really enjoyed wearing Natasha's Dance War & Peace and I know you are going to as well!

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