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I Jinxed Myself...

OPI Jinx

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OPI Jinx is an incredible redish orange with a strong gold shimmer. As you can see in the picture it is a textured polish and not for one second did I even consider smothering this beauty with top coat. I have been very focused mostly on polishes new to my collection but today I wanted to look back a bit and see what gems I own that I have not yet played with. Jinx was released as part of a Bond Girls Collection a few years ago and as much as I loved the color I had not tried it before because somehow I had this preconception that I did not like textured nail polish. I must have been using the same logic as my kids do when they refuse to try a new food because they just know they will not like it. I think I thought it would make me feel like me nails were gritty and dirty and was just not willing to give up my smooth and glossy nails. The first time I gave a textured polish a chance and wore it for a full day was a game changer for me. I do not love my glossy smooth manicures any less but I have found that I love how different a textured manicure can be. Today felt like I had my nails covered in crushed hard candy without the sticky and dusted with gold shimmer. The textured nature of Jinx has many facets and it sparkles perfectly like rough gemstones. The formula has a really great consistency making it very user friendly with a smooth application. I am wearing two coats pictured above. Since I did not apply my regular fast drying top coat I had to wait for my nails to dry old school and was happy to find that the drying time was reasonable. I'm planning on going back and looking through my untried polishes a bit more thoroughly because I found myself wishing I had been wearing Jinx all this time. I was missing out on a great polish and I'm not going to let that happen again.

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