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Finally!!! Fantastic Fuchsia

Salon Perfect Fired Up Fuchsia

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Salon Perfect Fired Up Fuchsia is a neon fuchsia with a pink shimmer thoughout. I used two coats for the picture with top coat. The formula was easy to use but like most neon polishes it does dry very fast and dull so you are going to have to be quick and have a good top coat if you would like a glossy manicure. The shimmer is very subtle but does add a nice finishing touch. What I loved about Fired Up Fuchsia was that, I did not need a white base at all! It took two coats for total opacity with zero hint of a nail line. Most of us are used to having to wear a white base under neon but finding one that is opaque enough to stand on it own makes me very happy. I do however still recommend a good base coat. This polish will show any imperfection you may have on your nails like ridges or pitting. No one has perfect nails without buffing them smooth and that will weaken your nails. It can also cause issues with your polish adhering properly. Taking the top layer off is not the solution if you do not want your nails to split and break buy a decent base coat and that will solve most issues. I use a ridge filling base coat most of the time to have a nice smooth base and today was no exception. Perfectly smooth Fired Up Fuchsia manicure that I'm loving. I picked his one up while I was out shopping last weekend. I have not tried very many polishes from Salon Perfect but I am definitely glad that I picked this little gem up. It certainly is a fun one! I think the next time that I'm out I might just have to pick up another color to try.

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