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a England Katyusha

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A England Katyusha is from the Russian Soul collection. A darker holographic silver that has a great formula. It has a great consistency too but it does show the brush strokes a touch just not to the point where it takes away from the beauty of the polish. The opacity I would imagine will lend itself well to stamping but I have not played around with it in that capacity yet. Katyusha is a Russian wartime song about a girl longing for her beloved but it's also the nickname of Soviet rocket launchers from the World War II era. I would imagine this polish was inspired by the girl over the rockets since the collection is inspired by Russian music and dance. I can always count on a England to create alluring colors that spark the imagination with beautiful, unique shades. Katyusha is a subtle shade but the holo is dreamy and opalescent. This is a very versatile polish no matter the season. I have a feeling it will travel well too! I applied two coats with top coat before taking the picture.

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