Cute Little Heartbreaker!

Salon Perfect Foxy Lady

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Salon Perfect Foxy Lady is for all of the glitter and sparkles lovers. As soon as I saw the bottle I knew I was buying it . Mini me was my very vocal little cheerleader and very generous with her compliments on what a good choice I was making. Unsurprisingly ... it took her less then a minute to mention that she would be asking to "borrow" it. Foxy Lady is a glitter topper meaning that it's meant to be layered over another polish but looking at the bottle I decided to play with it solo. I had to apply three coats for opacity. Foxy Lady is a very smooth and easy to use formula. Painting my nails really was effortless and even though the glitter load for this polish is very high I had no trouble manipulating this topper. Usually glitter has a gritty feel to it even while I'm applying it but until I took a closer look I didn't realize that this is hot pink and silver glitter suspended in a clear base. I just saw the sparkles and I was sold.... Even after three coats my tips show slightly through but after all it is a topper so no one should be surprised by that. You can add a fourth layer easily enough if that touch of transparency bothers you because the formula is fantastic. I quite liked the way Foxy Lady turned out on her own and I think I will try it as a topper as well in the future just to get a better feel for it but today I just loved the way my nails glittered in the sun.


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