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Frustratingly Beautiful!

Bourjois Turquoise Block

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Bourjois Turquoise Block is truly a beautiful turquoise green. Everywhere I went people were complimenting me on this color. I purchased it because the color appealed to me and the bottle was cute... yeah I'm that kind of shopper. On a side note, try as I might I could not capture the color of this polish properly. It has more of a green tone to it than the picture depicts. I spent far more time than most people would ever reasonably admit to with my cameras. Indoors, outdoors with artificial and natural light and this baby was just not cooperating. When I first brought this polish home I tried it and I made an absolute mess with it. If I took a picture and showed you that hot mess I would have to shut down my site. If you could look at the picture for a moment and see the brush shown on the bottle please. Thank you. It's very wide in fact i think I have painted walls with narrower brushes! My nail beds are a pretty average size and it's as wide as my little finger. I don't usually talk about the brush because I almost never have a hard time with them but this one I found frustrating. It felt more like a broom than a brush. It's so wide! The formula was thin as well and it was cuticle flood central because the shape of the brush made it very difficult to control. I have made my way through more than my fair share of bad polish formulas and I just about always find a way to make it work just as I have with Turquoise Block. To be completely fair this formula wasn't bad but I do feel that the terrible brush made it difficult to get a true reading on the formula. As much as I loved the color I will not be using this polish to paint my nails with again. Now for the silver lining. It stamps pretty well! I'm gad that I have found a use for it because the color truly is stunning! For the picture I applied two very thin and careful coats. The opacity was decent. The bottle says it dries in one second and I am going to be completely honest it doesn't. Unless they did their testing for dry times in a room with zero humidity in the air or perhaps the middle of the sahara desert! However it does dry much more quickly than a standard polish. Although I won't rule out purchasing another polish from this brand I really hope that Bourjois will rethink their brush choice for their polishes.

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