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Paradise Lost

Bonne Bell Paradise

The days where I get to stop at the post office to pick up mani mail on my way home are some of my favorites. Can you really blame me though? My post office is in the back of a drug store so every occasion I have to stop in I run through the nail polish isle. If you are surprised in any way by that you must be new to my blog. I have walked past the Bonne Bell display every time and reminded myself I should really check that one out sometime. I had the man with me and he is the one that stopped this time. He can be pretty supportive. He showed me this Bonne Bell Paradise bottle because it caught his eye. It's a very pretty pale pink and it has a lovely lavender micro shimmer through it. Twist my rubber arm... I decided not to let this one wait and tried it today once we got home because the sun is out and what better way to appreciate a pretty shimmer polish than a bright beautiful sunny day. The application for Paradise was not paradiseguys. The formula has a decent consistency and is easy to use but it's very sheer. Some polishesare incredibly pretty sheer and the visible nail line showing through is flattering and feminine. This is not one of those polishes.... Sheer and streaky. I was debating not even reviewing it by the time I did the third coat. I hate feeling like I am wasting my time but thought I got this far already let's see what happens. I did add one more coat, you are looking at four coats with top coat in the picture and you can still see patches. Oddly once I applied top coat I did not hate it. I think that although the shimmer was still visible it was not enough to redeem the polish for me to recommend that you go out and purchase this polish. To the naked eye the streaking was not as noticeable once it was dry but I knew they were there and was very conscious of that. In a sea of pinks you have far better polishes you can reach for. I have a whole gallery for you to look through to save you a little time!

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