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Zoya Chita

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I have mentioned on more then one occasion that I am not a fan of textured polish. When I had decided on wearing Zoya Pixie Dust in Chita today I had every intention of layering enough top coat on to smooth this baby out. Somewhere along the way while working on my mani I changed my mind about it all. Chita has a great formula that applied smoothly without any drama. After the first coat I gave it a couple of minutes to dry and I watched as the gritty texture became more defined. Oddly satisfying I thought to myself, so I proceeded with the second coat... much to the same effect. I did agonize a little over adding top coat but in the end I decided I would wear it textured and see how I felt about it. I figured that if I get to the point where I found it irritating I would just smoother it with top coat then. That moment never did come. I really liked the depth the texture gave to the look of this polish. Maybe it's partly because I do not own any other green like this one. It's a gorgeous forest green filled with gold glitter. The mate finish really added to charm. I'm not sure what this means guys... Am I having a moment? Possible I must admit it has been a challenging week but I prefer to explain this more as my horizons are expanding. Sounds pretty gown up if you ask me! I'm glad I experimented with a textured polish again as it has been a while since I gave them a chance. I think I'm going to be a little more open to them in the future but I have a feeling glossy nails will still reign in my heart.

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