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Essie In Stitches

Essie In Stitches is a recent addition to my collection just this mothers day. It was part of my gift from my beautiful children who I may occasionally refer to as gremlins but I assure you I mean that in the nicest way possible. They sure know their mama and of course they had help. Not only did I get lovely gifts they let me sleep in as well. I felt pretty spoiled. My kids and my man are pretty amazing and I am very lucky to have them. In Stitches is a lovely berry pink in the bottle and I was pleased to see it turned out the same way on my nails. It's one of those colors that you can really reach for any time of the year regardless of the season even though it was released as part of a fall collection in 2010. The formula was a great consistency and leveled beautifully. I applied my standard two coats then added top coat for the picture above. I am a fan of Essie and have been ever since I bought my first bottle of A List. I know not everyone shares my point of view but every brand has it's hits and misses and I don't generally dismiss a brand unless I have had more bad experiences than good ones. Even then they can still sucker me in to try them again if they come out with a color I cannot live without. What can I say? I love playing with nail polish and Essie has some of my favorite colors ever and it's available in most stores at a fair price.

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