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Julep Paula

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Julep Paula was a nail polish I received a while back from a friend who knew I had a sweet spot for blue polishes. I have not played with Julep before but I have seen the brand around so I was more then willing to try it. Twist my rubber arm to try a new polish would you? I have heard mixed reviews about it and to be honest it was mostly complaints about disliking the shape of the bottle. I found I did not mind the bottle one bit but I can understand it may not be for everyone. I find I'm not a fan of using the mini bottles. I try not to publicize it too much but I may be a little bit accident prone... Just a little bit, unless you listen to Mr. Nailvanna... according to him I'm all thumbs. I keep telling him that If I was all thumbs there would be no way I could properly paint my nails, He just laughs and gives me this look that drives me crazy, Ok Fine so I admit that I may knock the mini bottles over occasionally which is why I prefer the full size ones. Especially when you are trying to handle the bottle with wet nails. The formula for Paula was nice and smooth and I did not have a single problem with leveling or streaks. It was opaque in two coats with no clean up required. I applied top coat and on the whole was a pretty no fuss polish and I have to admit I really like it. The color is another story all together. In the bottle it is a pretty porcelain blue but it did not blow me away. I noticed once I applied it that it has a subtle but gorgeous gold shimmer that is not visible in low lighting but outside it was completely different and it really grabbed my attention and was quite impressive. I'm very happy that I got a chance to try Julep and to play with Paula I think that just maybe I'll have to try a few more Julep polishes in the future.

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